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Class is in Session!

While it's not the same as being on tour, the guys are looking forward to finding a way to stay connected with you all and spark creativity. Join any class you want on a choose-your-own-donation basis. Please know that all donations go directly towards the band members. See you at 3pmEDT on Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday's! 

Save your spot for class and check out all the classes we have available for replay here:

"Chonks (Extended Mix)" Available Now

Michael League - Sometimes, someone starts soloing and the song ends but the person doesn’t stop soloing and it’s fun so then you have to play the song again and then they keep soloing and it’s still fun and then you end the song again but then kinda stop. Kinda.

Listen here:

Royal Albert Hall Physical Available Now

We’re bringing an expanded line-up for our first ever performance at this world-famous iconic venue, the Royal Albert Hall in London. We’re recording this special night and producing a limited edition double CD and triple colored vinyl, available to now at the link below. 

North America:


Extended Mix of While We're Young Available Now

Bob Lanzetti - Part of what made “Immigrance” such a joy to make was how many new tunes we had to record from many different band members. Too many for one record, which has allowed us to release a number of bonus tracks, like the extended version of "While We're Young," by Maz. I had a sort of late 60s Miles sound in my head for the guitar solo on this one and Mark let me use his Collings guitar with humbucking pickups to get a fatter blues-y sound. Thanks Mark Lettieri!

“While We’re Young (Extended Mix)” is available now:

Bonus Track, "Chrysalis," Available Now

Bob Reynolds - ”Chrysalis” was born out of frustration. In the weeks leading up to recording Immigrance, I was trying to write a song to contribute. It wasn't going well. The day before leaving I still had nothing I liked.

In the same weeks all this "writing" was going on, my kids were tending to a butterfly garden in our backyard. If you've never seen one (I hadn't), it's incredible. You watch caterpillars become butterflies in the span of a couple of weeks.

But the most magical part of the transformation is invisible to the outside world. It occurs inside a hard skin called a chrysalis.

It seemed an appropriate metaphor for the experience of composing music. Lots of internal work the world never sees and at the end, if you're lucky, a song emerges. The contrasting sections and modulations in "Chrysalis" reminded me of that metamorphosis. My own as well as the butterflies.

Our song is available now on all digital platforms:

P.S. We released our butterflies the same day I wrote the song.



Immigrance, the new Snarky Puppy studio album, is all about movement. “The idea here is that everything is fluid, that everything is always moving and that we’re all in a constant state of immigration,” explains Michael League.


Bad Kids To The Back (Official Video)

The hit music video for Bad Kids To The Back, from the new album Immigrance.

Xavi (Official Audio)

"Xavi" is the fifth track on the all-new album Immigrance, available worldwide this March.

Culcha Vulcha (Official Trailer)

Trailer for the pups' ninth album, recorded in the studio at The Sonic Ranch in Texas.

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    Bigly Strictness

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    Bling Bling

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    While We're Young

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    Bad Kids To The Back

  • 8

    Even Us

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    Grown Folks

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    Beep Box

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    The Simple Life

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    The Big Ugly

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    I Asked (featuring Becca Stevens & Väsen)

  • 2

    Molino Molero (featuring Susana Baca & Charlie Hunter)

  • 3

    Liquid Love (featuring Chris Turner)

  • 4

    Soro (Afriki) (featuring Salif Keita, Carlos Malta, & Bernardo Aguiar)

  • 5

    Sing to the Moon (featuring Laura Mvula & Michelle Willis)

  • 6

    Don't You Know (featuring Jacob Collier & Big Ed Lee)

  • 7

    I Remember (featuring Knower & Jeff Coffin)

  • 8

    Somebody Home (featuring David Crosby)

  • 9

    Be Still (feat. Becca Stevens & Väsen)

  • 10

    Fuego Y Agua (feat. Susana Baca)

  • 11

    Shapons Vindaloo (feat. Väsen)

  • 12

    One Hope (feat. KNOWER)

  • 13

    Brother, I'm Hungry (feat. Nigel Hall & NOLA International)

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Jazz + Funk + World + Soul + Pop

Snarky Puppy is truly a different kind of musical animal.

The once Texan, now New York-based quasi-collective Snarky Puppy has gone from the best-kept secret to one of the most respected names in instrumental music. Although still "underground" in many respects, the band earned its first Grammy Award in early 2014 (for Best R&B Performance), followed by two more in the subsequent years, and has earned high praise from critical stalwarts like the BBC, Village Voice, The Guardian, New York Times, and Washington Post, as well as the world’s most respected musicians, from Pat Metheny to Prince. Since 2014, their albums have topped Billboard Jazz, Billboard Contemporary Jazz, Billboard Heatseeker, and iTunes Jazz charts. The band has always used live performance as its chief form of evangelism, and over the last 8 years has maintained a more intense tour schedule than almost any band in the idiom with over 1,200 performances.